Regional Airline Contractor: Patrick Dunne

Regional Airline Contractor, Patrick Dunne has 2 decades of experience in engineering management and operations. Currently based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, he regularly travels around the region to provide his expertise to new airline start-ups.

Many of the new start-ups are regional airlines, providing air travel within the country. Often these airlines use small and mid-sized cost efficient turbo-prop aircraft.

Regional Airline Contractor: Services

As an airline contractor and consultant, Patrick Dunne provides access to human resources and aircraft options to new local airlines. From Line and Base Maintenance to Aircraft Introduction, to meticulous record-keeping, regulatory compliance and certification.

  • Startup Support – Flight operations & airline management
  • Change Support – Regulatory Compliance & Expansion
  • Aircraft Deliveries – Procurement of Aircraft and Leasing
  • Regulatory Compliance – Establishing AOC and AMO Practices

How To Contact Patrick Dunne