Hoola Hoop Cafe – a Space for Food & Fun

Afternoon tea at Hoola Hoop Cafe can be a very relaxing and happy time with friends. Personally, I find it to be a calming atmosphere with excellent service. The menu is fun and the coffee is served with latte art. So the next time you are scheduling a meet-up with friends, I highly recommend you come to this cafe for an afternoon tea.

Most of us choose a hang-out place for it’s atmosphere, food menu and the drinks they serve. Hoola Hoop Cafe ticks all the boxes with their neat and modern decor, and a fun specialty menu that is priced affordably. What sets them apart is the food on their menu – delicious and healthy servings of freshly made dishes.

All Day Dining

Breakfast Menu
They offer all day dining, starting from breakfast to lunch, tea and desserts. Breakfast is a healthy start to the day, made from scratch with their Healthy Croissant Brekkie or Big Breakfast. Complete your breakfast with tea or brewed coffee of your choice.

Kids are taken care of with a special egg & toast breakfast, waffle with fruits or cereal with fruits. Finish off breakfast with fresh juice or a chocolate latte.

Hoola Hoop Cafe Lamb Stew Rice

Lunch or Mains Menu
Their mains consists of Beef goulash with rice, lamb stew, chicken stroganoff with pasta, grilled vegetable salad, chicken curry rice, and spaghetti. Or if you want something light, try their mushroom soup.

For those who thinks of desserts being the best part of the meal, they have Swiss roll with fruits and ice-cream, or waffles with fruits and ice-cream, or cake of the day.

Hoola Hoop Cafe Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea
What they really excel at is afternoon tea, a proper afternoon tea with scones, cucumber sandwiches and cakes. Afternoon tea is served with quality tea of your choice, a selection scones, sandwiches and cakes served to your table.

There are not many places in Kota Kinabalu that offers afternoon tea outside of hotels and resorts. You just have to try out their afternoon tea to see how it compares. You will not be disappointed.

Hoola Hoop cafe Entertainment area for kids

A space for kids to hang out
While the adults chat, the kids are not left out. There is a menu for kids, as well as fruit juices and sodas. Hoola Hoop Cafe has given kids their own special place to have fun – a child-safe spacious play area with activities they can do by themselves.

Themed Parties – For Any Occasion

Hoola Hoop Cafe is a space for food & fun which is why you are welcomed to host themed parties at their place. Whatever the occasion, be it a birthday party, baby shower or Christmas party. They offer a variety of children’s themed birthday parties as well.

You can also host your business event at this cafe, from product launches to networking events. The cafe can be exclusively yours for the day, along with food and drinks (non-alcoholic). The cafe typically seats 28, but can be rearranged to increase seating when necessary.

Hoola Hope Cafe Theme Party


Lot 3, 1st Floor, Block B, Lintas Jaya Uptownship, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

+6 016-725 5482

Opening Hours:
Mon – Wed : 9am to 6pm
Thurs : Closed
Fri – Sat : 9am to 10pm
Sun : 9am – 6pm
Public Holidays : 9am – 6pm (unless otherwise announced on their FB and IG page)