Yummy Yummy Cafe, Kobota Square, Tawau

Yummy Yummy Cafe is a coffee shop located at a Kobota Square, along Jalan Apas (Apas road), 3 miles out of Tawau town. Located in a fashionable area of new shophouses, Kobota Square has plenty of places to eat. One of the best is Yummy Yummy cafe.

Kedai Kopi Yummy Yummy serves noodles and Tawau Soto, as well as pearl milk tea. Great place for a plate of noodles, and a good place for a cool refreshing drink of pearl milky tea or fresh fruit juice. Popular with the locals and the younger crowd, the cafe is often packed during lunch time.

Yummy Yummy Cafe: The Food They Serve – Chinese Noodles, Soto

Yummy Yummy serves more Chinese styled noodle dishes, in soup and dry mixed. Their seafood based soup was good, and whatever fresh seafood is available for the day. They also served Tawau Soto, a Malay/Indonesian soup made with herbs and spices, served with noodles. Their soto is very popular in Tawau and their version is one of the best in town.

A good place for breakfast or lunch, the food quality is consistent and very delicious.

Recommended Food:

  1. Chinese Noodles
  2. Tawau Soto
  3. Pearl Milky Tea
  4. Fruit Juice

Visit Yummy Yummy Cafe in Kobota Square, Tawau