Celyn Resort Kinabalu

Celyn Resort Kinabalu is a comfortable resort nestled in the countryside of Kundasang, Kinabalu Park Village. It is one of the newer resorts in the area, although somewhat off the beaten path. The service is at the level of most resorts in Sabah.

Our last visit to this resort was in May 2016 and it was a welcomed break where the temperature was cool. It rained in the evening as well, so we enjoyed a chilly night.

Getting to Celyn Resort Kinabalu

It was our first visit and we almost did not find the resort. Even when we called the resort and got directions, we had to ask ourselves if we were really on the right track. It is somewhat off the beaten path and you travel on a dirt road in through a rustic village to get to the resort.

You have to go 0.5km past Pine Resorts, heading towards Ranau. The junction is on the right and do look out for a small sign that says Celyn Resort Kinabalu. It begins with a steep climb on a sealed road, after about a kilometer the road turns into a dirt road, potholes and all.

After what seemed like a long time (it is about 5km from the main road), we got to the resort entrance. Just one more stretch of (eye-opening) a steep incline and you will have arrived.


Our Adventure Continues
We made it just before sunset and ahead of what was going to be a really big thunderstorm. We were camped out on the front porch watching twin lightning strikes on the surrounding countryside. To top it off, the power went out.

Since every trip to Kinabalu Park and the countryside is always a bit of an adventure, we were not put off by it. The only issue was we could not take a hot shower since the power was out and it was really pouring down. I was not surprised as Kundasang and Kinabalu Park is not located in a fully developed town, so these things happen.

Besides, the power came back on in time for our dinner at their Bunga Raya Cafe. Expect to pay restaurant prices but thankfully the prices were alright. It was less than I expected. Meal-wise, I have had worse and at the end of a long day, any meal would have been welcomed.

We stayed in the Valley Wing, room 13 and it was the cheapest room. It came with a King sized bed, and we had an extra bed put it as well. The room comes with an attached bathroom, hot shower, towels and toiletries. There were also complementary bottles of water, tea and coffee. The room had a television but who goes to a resort to watch television anyway?


The Following Morning
The next morning, we were ready for breakfast and this is included in the price of the room. This would be a buffet breakfast with scrambled eggs, hotdogs, baked beans, toast and coffee. You could opt for fried noodles if you wanted. The best part is they refill the food as it runs out.

Now that we had a sunny morning, we went for walk around the resort. There are a number of chalet type rooms with names like Jungle Mountain, Jungle Villa and Jungle Junior.


Leaving The Resort
The reception was quite courteous and check-out was handled in a timely manner. We saw about 10 other couples and family last night but by 10am the next morning, everyone was heading out of the resort.


Getting down from the resort was not as exciting as getting there. The road seemed less steep, the journey to the main road seemed shorter. It had been an overnight stay but we felt refreshed after a night on the mountain.

Would we be back? Almost certainly as this is a nice and clean resort. I would have preferred to be near Kinabalu Park, to go jungle trekking and the even cooler temperature. But price-wise, it was pretty decent, less than RM200 for the room.

Celyn Resort Kinabalu