BeaLee’s Handmade Personalised Craft

Everything made by BeaLee’s Handmade Personalised Craft is made with lots of passion and customized for you. You can specify the design, colours, names and in some cases the material you want.

These are beautiful customized made-to-order gifts for you, your family and your friends, so each item requires a bit of time before it can be delivered.

What Craft Do They Make?

Currently, she is making a lot of gifts for kids. Things like a Quiet Book which is a book made from fabric for kids to play with, as well as play-mats. Quiet books are made from fabric, and can have pictures sewn in, along with buttons and other objects so your toddler can learn about textures.

You could also feature in your family tree (which is really popular for young families) or add in some photos. These are great for hours of fun and learning. They also make for a treasured keepsake.

  • Activity Play Mat
  • Fabric books
  • Felt hairclips
  • Friendship bands

How To Order

To find out more of what they make, go to their Facebook and get in touch with them –