7 Star Fishing Boat Charter, Sabah

7 Star Fishing Boat berths at Kota Kinabalu jetty, Sabah, provides fishing boat charters, and deep sea fishing in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Popular with foreign and local anglers, 7 Star Fishing offers fishing packages to suit your schedule – from day trip to extended fishing trips in Sabah.

Deep sea fishing around the waters of Sabah, from Layang Layang islands to Pulau Mengalum, the waters around Sabah is completely safe and the weather beautiful most of the year. Most of our guests are from overseas, flying into Sabah to do some amazing world-class fishing. They come from Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and the list goes on. Fishing in Sabah is one of the best place to go deep sea fishing.

7 Star Fishing Boat charter is 65 feet by 14 feet boat has the capacity to handle up to 8 to 10 anglers. She is equipped with 10 bunk beds, air-conditioned quarters, private toilet and shower, has a kitchen and carries beverage for the guests. She is equipped to spend days in the open sea, has satellite phone, GPS and sonar.

7 Star Fishing Boat Charter Sabah

Our Services Include:

  • Deep sea fishing in Sabah
  • 4 Days/3 Nights fishing trips
  • 3 Days/2 Nights fishing trips
  • 2 Days/1 Night fishing trips
  • 1 Day fishing trips
  • Boat charter for IFGA Labuan International Fishing Competition
  • Boat charter for any duration

Currently, we have 2 fishing boats available for charter to go fishing in the waters around Sabah. Online booking is also avail at our website or through our mobile website. Download our web app to your smartphone for more convenience.

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Call or email us to book the 7 Star. We are available for charter whenever you are ready. We can head out to sea at any time. Our sales office is in Bandar Baru Penampang. Or visit and book online through our website.
Our website: http://7starfishingsabah.com/
Call: 6019 820 9322