Bilal Restaurant Kota Kinabalu

Bilal Restaurant is an authentic Mamak restaurant in Bandaran Berjaya, Kota Kinabalu. If you love traditional Southern Indian curry, this restaurant is just the place to go. They serve a variety of curry and all time favourites such as Nasi Briyani and Nasi Kandar.

Their dishes are made with traditional ingredients and packed full of flavours from spices, meat and vegetables. Personally, I am working my way through their menu.

Bilal Restaurant serve Indian Muslim food, Mamak style.

  • Fish Head Curry
  • Fish Curry
  • Mutton Curry Masala
  • Roast Chicken Curry Masala
  • Goat Head Curry
  • Quail Bird Curry
  • Indian Vegetarian Curry
  • Nasi Briyani
  • Nasi Kandar
  • Mango Lassi
  • Roti Canai
  • Tosai
  • Murtabak
  • Chapati

Best Nasi Briyani in Kota Kinabalu

Many who have tried their food tend to agree – their Nasi Briyani is one of the best in Kota Kinabalu. The food speaks for itself when the ingredients are fresh and the spices are packed with flavour. The curry is thick and aromatic…you will find no watery curry here.

Drop by this curry house for lunch some time or dinner. I am pretty sure you will agree with that the curry here is amazing.

Want something light? How about Roti Canai for tea time?

For more information, find them on Google Map or visit their Facebook Page:

Lorong Berjaya 4, Bandaran Berjaya, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

+6018 261 0109

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